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Health Benefit Programs
The health of our associates and their families matters to us. And with the costs of medical care and services a concern for many, we understand the importance of benefit options to protect yourself and your family. The Cincinnati Insurance Companies offer full-time associates the opportunity to purchase health, prescription, vision and dental insurance. Some highlights of our program include:

  • free preventative care – including well-checkups and screenings – when using the services of an in-network provider.
  • participation in a Health Savings Account. An HSA is a pre-tax savings plan that works in conjunction with our health plan and allows you to save for eligible medical, dental and vision expenses, now and in the future. The money that you contribute always belongs to you and our company has historically made annual contributions to our associates’ accounts.
  • the benefit of certain free, generic prescriptions paid at 100% - even before meeting your deductible - when you enroll in our provider’s home delivery service.
  • options to participate in pre-tax savings plans for dependent care and dental and vision expenses.

Deductibles apply.  

Employee Assistance Programs
LifeMatters is a free and confidential service that helps our associates and their families better navigate life issues.

Group Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Short- and Long-term Disability Plans
To help protect our associates and their families, we offer full time associates:

  • free group life insurance. Your company pays 100 percent of the premium and automatically enrolls you at the start of employment. Amounts vary based on your length of service.
  • the option to purchase accidental death and dismemberment protection.
  • free short-term disability protection and the option to purchase long-term disability protection.

Retirement Savings Plan
Associates may plan for their future by depositing pre-tax and post-tax earnings into the CFC Savings Plan, our 401 (k) savings tool. 

Payroll-Deducted Insurance
Associates may be eligible to purchase Cincinnati Insurance Company products including auto, life or homeowners insurance with the convenience of payroll deduction.


Read more about all our benefit programs. Candidates selected for hire will receive complete information about these options during benefits enrollment.